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As common as drug use is, it tends to be a mystery to most. The way drugs bring about the feelings of pleasure that they are known for, the way they create addiction, and the way release from such addiction is achieved, tend to all be hard to fathom for many. Our experts in drug detox in Howell often see how lack of knowledge is able to get in the way when people struggle with addiction.

It's important to learn how addiction happens, and how drug detox works. You get to see, for example, that while detox has important role to play in the taming of an addiction, it is but one step of an involved process that often takes many years.

What is Drug Detox?

The use of drugs brings about feelings of pleasure because drugs access and activate circuits in the brain that deal with reward, motivation and feelings of well-being. Their use turns addictive because these circuits are closely connected to ones that deal with memory, learning and inhibition. The longer these circuits are exposed to drugs, the more deeply they learn to rely on them.

When the brain acquires dependency on a drug, attempts at even gradual retreat can come with disastrous results. As the brain attempts to regain an ability to function with either smaller doses of drug or with none at all, it experiences a temporary disruption in hormone and neurotransmitter balance, a condition known as withdrawal. Our programs for drug withdrawal in Howell offers the best possible care to all of our patients suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

The effects can be both painful and dangerous. Endless headaches and insomnia are common, as are fear, anxiety and depression. In most cases, the trauma of these effects turns out to be serious enough to prompt addicts attempting reform to abandon hope and return to drugs. This is where the process of drug detox comes in.

To many of the people that we help here at our drug detox in Howell, the simplest way to understand drug detox is often is to see it as medical treatment that helps remove the pain and the health risk that the process of quitting drugs comes with. It takes highly trained professionals implementing evidence-based treatment protocols to successfully attempt detoxification. Depending on the length of an addiction and the drugs involved, detoxification at drug and alcohol detox centers can take anything from a week to a month. By the end of the course, the patient's brain and body have had a chance to flush drugs out, and regain normal function.

Withdrawal Symptoms Associated with Drug Detox

Each drug affects the brain in a different way. This means that the withdrawal process for each can involve different withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxifying from opioid dependency: Withdrawal from heroin and opioid painkillers can come with very powerful symptoms that begin within six hours of quitting. They gradually rise in intensity over a period of three days, and then begin to decrease. Most patients report extreme cravings, tremors, abdominal pain and spasms. Relapse is a strong possibility for those quitting without the aid of evidence-based drug detox programs.

At our professional drug detox in Howell, our addiction rehab experts ensure that patients do not relapse, by evaluating them for treatment with methadone, Subutex, Suboxone or Zubsolv among other replacement drugs, and the use of antidepressants and painkillers to help ease discomfort. When the process is made pain-free, most patients are far more likely to stay through the process, and emerge drug-free.

Detoxifying from dependency on stimulants: Withdrawal from stimulants such as cocaine, methamphetamine and Ritalin can come with feelings of depression, agitation and extreme craving. With Ritalin, symptoms can begin hours after the last dose, and quickly peak. These effects can taper off past the first two days, but the process tends to be a gradual one that takes weeks. Cocaine withdrawal tends to be shorter, but can be intense.

The greatest contribution that an expert detox center can make to the withdrawal process is to offer supervision. This is because with either drug, extreme levels of craving are the main symptom to guard against. Careful administration of antipsychotics, antidepressants, and benzodiazepines help ease the drug detox process as well.

Why Should I Enter a Drug Detox Center?

The desire to attempt self-treatment is common among those addicted. There are many reasons why this is so. Sometimes, the reason is fear of failure. When a private, self-directed attempt is made, failure, when it occurs, can be kept a secret. Others may wish to try to treat themselves because they do not trust that detox centers will ever get to the bottom of their problems. This is an objection that does make some sense.

Many drug rehab centers are not run to scientific principles, and simply offer detox, rather than complete treatment. A successful attempt at quitting depends on ability to locate drug detox centers run to scientific principles, ones that recognize detox as one step of an involved in ongoing process. Success is highly likely at such a center. From dual diagnosis for treatment of underlying mental disorders to psychological counseling and therapy, it can take years of in-depth treatment to truly get to the bottom of an addiction.

It's important to seek professional detoxification, simply because it is the closest thing to pain-free withdrawal, because it comes with a far higher likelihood of success than any other method. There's a lot that you can learn about success in this area simply by speaking to a friendly professional.

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