Dual Diagnosis in Howell, NJ

Although addiction is very common, there are still those out there that are able to just say "no." One major contributing factor to the commonality of addiction, however, is often overlooked both by families of addicts and by rehab centers: the one involving pre-existing mental disorders. If you are concerned about a loved one struggling with addiction, this is area that you should spend time learning about. Speak with an addiction specialist in dual diagnosis treatment in Howell. You could find that our science-based dual diagnosis treatment programs are what your loved one has always needed.

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Addiction, by itself, is a clinically recognized mental disorder. Among other things, it comes about as a result of the changes to the brain caused by extreme exposure to drugs or alcohol. Addiction, however, isn't usually a mental disorder that appears on its own. It is, rather, one that appears alongside of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

As established as the science for dual diagnosis for addiction is, most drug rehab centers do not routinely test and treat their patients for concurrent mental disorders even today. When a patient arrives for addiction treatment, nearly every dual diagnosis treatment center will treat the addiction alone.

This sort of partial treatment is unfortunate not only because they result in denying patients the help that they need with a clearly defined problem, but also because patients not treated for pre-existing mental disorders usually return to addictive behaviors before long. This is why we at Howell Drug Rehab Centers take dual diagnosis treatment very seriously.

Why is Dual Diagnosis Treatment Necessary? What are the Benefits?

Care at our dual diagnosis treatment center is of crucial importance to patients with other pre-existing mental problems, because often, these problems have a role to play in the preference that patients have for addictive behavior in the first place.

Anxiety and addiction: A patient who suffers from anxiety disorder will usually come across drugs such as Xanax through a prescription by a psychiatrist. Should such a patient become addicted to the Xanax, addiction treatment alone would never succeed.

For as long as the patient continues to suffer from anxiety the draw towards Xanax will likely remain. The challenge with conditions such as ADHD or PTSD is the same. If the reason patient first takes to drugs is left untreated, a return to drugs becomes very likely.

Addiction and depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder: Patients who suffer from these conditions often turn to addictive substances as a way to improve, stabilize and gain some control over the way they feel. If these patients are treated for their addictions alone, they will often be tempted to return to drugs as a way of self-medicating for their problems, because the challenges posed by those problems remain with them.

Dual diagnosis treatment programs are important because they are scientifically proven to get to the root of addictions treated when they involve a pre-existing mental disorder. The more thoroughly the root cause of an addiction is treated, the better the prognosis becomes.

It's Very Important to Ensure a Competent Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis rehab centers are not common, and the best ones can actually be hard to find. It's important to do your best to find competent centers, however. A simple claim of a dual diagnosis approach is rarely enough as an assurance of quality treatment. It is possible, for instance, for a rehab center to make an incorrect diagnosis of a complex disorder such as bipolar, for instance.

In some cases, inexperienced doctors tend to make a diagnosis of the underlying mental disorder while the patient continues to use drugs. Since the symptoms of drug use tend to overlap with those manifested with mental disorders, such diagnoses tend to go wrong.

In our programs for dual diagnosis treatment in Howell, we also provide relapse prevention tools. These relapse prevention tools are essential to not just sobriety, but for overall life as well. The addiction specialists at our relapse prevention programs in Howell provide patients with tools on how to build coping skills so that they can beat cravings and relapse triggers.

Seeking Treatment

While most cases of addiction are best treated in an inpatient setting, the requirement is especially strong with patients who need treatment for a dual diagnosis. When there are multiple disorders to treat, the use of an outpatient treatment approach can result in poor coordination among different doctors, a situation that can result in poor treatment.

A dual diagnosis is a strong possibility in any addiction. It's important to keep this in mind when you try to weigh your options seeking treatment. A conversation with an expert can greatly help. Our doctors are experts in dual diagnosis treatment in Howell, and can help answer every question you have.

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