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Escaping addiction is different from most other challenges. Since addiction biologically affects the mechanism by which reason and the will function, more serious commitment can be difficult to unlearn. You are tested every minute of every day, both by the appearance of deep cravings, and uncontrollable losses of resolve. If you're serious about success quitting drugs, you need to plan for the unique challenges involved. A rehab approach that makes it hard for you to quit is an excellent idea. If you aren't clear about how to plan for it, you should call the experts at our inpatient rehab in Howell. You will find the guidance that you need to make an informed decision.

What is Inpatient Rehab?

When you research your options in rehab, you come up against two alternatives. Technically, patients make their way through the same treatment steps in either plan. They offer the same medications, the same psychiatric care when needed, and the same behavioral therapy. The difference lies in the way these services are offered — with supervision and support, or without.

The outpatient approach allows you to carry on with life as usual. You live at home and only come in once a day for treatment. It is frequently chosen for its low price. The inpatient rehab in Howell approach is hands-on, requiring that you check into a rehab for a week or longer to allow closely monitored treatment.

What is the Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab?

When you sense that there is little difference in the actual treatment available with either kind of rehab care, you might wonder if the added cost for care at an inpatient rehab center is worth it. The full supervision and support that comes with inpatient care, however, is no small matter.

Addiction withdrawal is an unpredictable process. While it may go relatively smoothly for one patient, it can be extremely challenging for another. Some patients experience serious, life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, and others don't. It can be hard to determine how you will react.

In many ways, outpatient rehab is cheaper not because it cuts out sources of unnecessary cost, but because it offloads much of the work involved to the family of the addict. The work remains to be done, only it's done by the family instead of the rehab center. Whether it is monitoring for sudden onset of dangerous withdrawal symptoms or keeping tendencies to cheat in check, someone in the family of the addict does need to be there much of the time.

Supervision and monitoring aren't the only areas that set care at an inpatient rehab for addiction apart from outpatient care, either. In many ways, inpatient care offers a much higher level of medical care, as well.

Customized treatment: In good inpatient rehab programs, the doctors involved take the time to make detailed evaluations of each patient, aiming to create customized treatment plans. This is very important, because with addiction, no one treatment plan ever works for everyone. At our inpatient rehab in Howell, customized treatment plans for each patient are an important part of the success that we achieve for them. We also screen for the possibility of a dual diagnosis. At our dual diagnosis programs in Howell, we treat both the psychological disorder and addiction. Care of this level is simply unavailable with outpatient care.

There is far better record-keeping: At an inpatient rehab treatment center, the medical staff in charge of each patient is required to maintain very detailed records of every step taken. Not only does this ensure a higher level of care, it minimizes chances of oversight. This is a benefit only available in inpatient care.

How to Know if Inpatient is Right for Me

If you wish to take no chances with your treatment, inpatient rehab is the only option to go with. With professional attention and levels of care, patients tend to experience far less discomfort, and to find higher levels of commitment. While studies that compare inpatient treatment to outpatient care have been scarce in the past, there are new ones today that show how inpatient care is clearly superior. In one study of more than 100 inpatient and outpatient rehab centers, for example, it was determined that early failures were four times more likely at the outpatient facilities.

While inpatient care can cost three times as much as outpatient care, with addictions to drugs such as heroin and cocaine they are the only workable choice available. Outpatient care can be far too prone to risk.

Before you make up your mind one way or the other, it would serve you well to speak to professionals. It's easy to call up the experts who work at our inpatient rehab in Howell. You'll quickly learn all you need to arrive at the choice that is right for you.

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