Substance Abuse Treatment Therapy in Howell, NJ

If you find yourself trapped in addictive behavior that involves drugs or alcohol, you do know that achieving sobriety is hard. In many cases, however, complete addiction rehabilitation can seem harder to come by than it really is. This happens when addicts and their families go in with little understanding of how addiction works. In truth, improved grasp of the treatment process can have the effect of enabling confidence. If your comprehension of the principles of scientific treatment is not thorough, it could be a good idea to pick up the phone and call one of our experts in addiction therapy programs in Howell. You'll gain insight into how therapeutic tools can help you ace the challenge before you.

Addiction therapy programs in Howell may just offer the right treatment methods to best suit the needs of those suffering from drug and/or alcohol addiction. These therapies are essential towards preventing relapse, teaching coping skills, and learning how to beat cravings. Our relapse prevention programs in Howell are perfect for these very factors, in which our addiction specialists teach addicts how to cope with life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

What is Addiction?

Doctors and scientists today see addiction not as a stubborn habit, but as a disease of the brain. The basis for this view comes from research that shows that drugs are able to permanently change the way the brain functions. If you are addicted, these detrimental changes can affect both your behavior and any your ability to exercise critical thinking in the area of your own drug use.

In an addict, it is common for these changes to the brain to make the effects of use appear normal and acceptable, contrary to all evidence. Understanding what addiction is can help you is your struggle for freedom from it.

How Does One Escape Addiction Forever?

Escaping addiction is not a straightforward challenge. It takes an involved process over multiple steps that take months, or even years of work. Thorough involvement with each stage is the only way to truly succeed. Too many people considering treatment for an addiction, however, it can often seem as if detoxification, the first step and the most visible step in the process, is the only part that counts. The therapy and counseling that follow over months, often seem expendable.

The truth is that detoxification, by itself, rarely allows addicts to achieve freedom from drugs. Two out of three of those who quit rehab after successful completion of detoxification, relapse within two years, when no further treatment is undertaken. The greatest challenge with drug addiction, then, is finding a way around the tendency to relapse. This is where therapy programs for addiction treatment enter the picture.

Types of Therapy Programs for Addiction in Howell

The therapy that follows detoxification offers recovering addicts the tools that they need to address the core causes behind their drift towards addictive behavior. In many patients, these causes involve poor self-image and self-esteem, lack of motivation, lack of an ethical framework on which to function, poor interpersonal relationship skills and an inability to resist peer pressure, among other things. Having a therapist address these issues can help.

A number of possibilities exist. It takes in-depth analysis by a qualified psychotherapist to determine the problem areas that a patient needs to work on, and to identify the best therapeutic approaches for it. Here are a few examples of substance abuse therapy programs that commonly recommended:

Art Therapy: Art therapy is an approach to rebuilding self-esteem and a strong emotional and cognitive process through engagement in artistic expression. Art therapy classes are conducted by professional facilitators who introduce topics to create on each day. Over several weeks, participants learn new techniques and embark on a collective journey to artistic discovery.

Art therapy can work the emotional intelligence, and help participants use emotions both to treat themselves and others with greater consideration. Therapy can be invaluable in helping a recovering addict regain his footing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT is a commonly applied treatment approach for addiction therapy programs in Howell. At its most basic, CBT is a series of conversations that one has with the therapist. The therapist draws up a series of goals to work toward. These could be recognition of barriers to motivation or clear thought, or the identification of harmful behavior patterns.

CBT is effectively applied in helping participants cope with poor self-esteem and peer pressure. Many participants benefit simply from the structure and goal-setting that CBT comes with. It is one the most effective therapy programs for substance abuse in existence.

Why Should I Participate in Addiction Therapy Programs in Howell?

Therapeutic intervention offers the greatest opportunity to recovering addicts attempting freedom from addiction. It takes patience and belief in the approaches recommended to do well in therapy, however. The more you invest in understanding the value that these approaches offer, the more successful you will be. It can be a good idea to call an expert in addiction therapy programs in Howell to learn how therapy is the secret to success in addiction recovery.

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